Dec 07

New Page on Paksworld Website

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So here’s the new page on the website: the Character Gallery.    Here’s where art depicting the characters will be displayed.   First up is Arvid in his earlier days, much as he was when Paks first saw him.    I hope you enjoy this page, as it grows with more artwork related to Paksworld, mostly characters but maybe (depends)  some decorative stuff.

If you prefer to visualize characters yourself, in your own mind, no need to go see what someone else thought a character looked like–but if you enjoy others’  visual imagination, go right ahead.   I’ve commissioned several sketches from Richard Hescox; this is the first up.   Aliam Halveric will probably be next.  As he’s fitting them in between other work, it’ll likely be months between new appearances.

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Dec 03

Cover, Cover!

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Since Crown of Renewal’s  covers, US and UK, are on display at their respective Amazon portals…there they are side by side for your delectation.

Crown of Renewal-US-cover_resized_Crown of Renewal-UK-cover









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Sep 25

A Look at the Cover (and Snippet)

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Via my agent’s tweet,  here’s a site with info on Limits of Power and a look at the cover.     Hurray!

Meanwhile, I’m struggling with a couple of scenes from Book V that don’t want to be written, which undoubtedly means I’ve messed up somewhere else…but still, things have to keep happening.

And so you get a snippet.

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Jul 09

Echoes Gets New Cover for MMPB

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Echoes of Betrayal has a new cover for the paperback edition coming early next year.    I liked the hardcover art, but this is a very strong cover that will show up better on the smaller format.

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Feb 24


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Terie Garrison sent me this image of Echoes of Betrayal alongside its siblings on a shelf in Waterstones, Arndale Centre, Manchester City Centre, UK.

That crossbow looks like it’s coming right out of the cover, doesn’t it?

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Oct 14

Cover Art & Snippet

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Most of you may have seen the cover art elsewhere, but it’s now time to show it off here for anyone who might wander through:

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Apr 19

Change Notice

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Very likely Book III will get a new title in the next few days.    I’m participating in the process of coming up with a new one.    There was editorial concern that Crisis of Vision, though it did fit the “hinge book” position, did not carry enough of the epic fantasy feel (and in fact “felt” more like a nonfiction book to some.)   This will not delay the schedule or anything; it’s just one of those changes that comes along, and I thought I’d give y’all a heads-up about it.   I think I mentioned that the US edition now has cover art, but I’m not cleared to show it to you yet (and the old title’s on it, so it’s a good thing it’s not spread all over the internet.)

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Mar 28

Map on Site

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A “work” version of the map for Kings of the North is now up on the Paksworld website maps page, here.    I don’t have time to do a prettified antiqued version right now, so this is for those who bought the book in a format that did not include the map.

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Feb 26

News and (Inter)views

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Author’s copies of the UK edition of Kings of the North arrived yesterday and look really good…the cover is stunning.   Including the double-page-spread map.   I think you in the UK will see the actual books in the stores earlier than we in the US, if I understood  UK Editor’s email.    Thus it’s time for a reminder that any spoilerish comments  need to be clearly marked with “Spoilers” in the subject line so that those who haven’t gotten the book yet aren’t given tidbits they don’t want…and ideally no spoilerish comments will appear until mid-April. Read the rest of this entry »

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