Jun 14

Online Appearances: Lytherus

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Lytherus.com chose me for a Featured Author Week, and the interview and blog post are now up–with a contest for copies of Limits of Power.

The interview’s fairly serious; the blog post is about the fun and the possibilities for humor while writing.

[correction of title & link, thanks to Sue]

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Mar 15

One More Day & A Heads-up

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…and tomorrow the book’s out in the stores.  I hope you in the US are as excited as I am, and that if you pre-ordered online, your copies arrive on your doorstep (or whatever you use) on time tomorrow.    (Those of you in Europe who already have the UK version…try not to hand out too many spoilers.  At least until the end of the week, OK?)

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Oct 20

Suvudu interview

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I forgot to post this separately (DUH!) as soon as I got home, but on Wednesday last week I did a video interview with Betsy Mitchell, my editor.   It involved a teeny-tiny camera on a tripod…about pack-of-playing-cards size on a tripod that could’ve held a Big Fat Important Camera.   In the process of setting up for it, I learned about the Book Cabinet (no, I’m not telling you.  Not now, anyway.)

The video went up Sunday evening, but I was flat out from the end of trip and didn’t find it until today…should’ve posted the link before now, though.

[Edited to fix link]

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