About Paksworld

Dec 09

Along with updates on the progress of the new books in this fictional universe, I’ll be posting about what lies behind it–the research and how that connects to the books, the whys and wherefores of publishing a “disconnected” series, some notes on the craft of writing (especially writing fantasy) and so on.

I’ll also post when the Paksworld website gets new material–eventually, it will contain a great deal of  background material on this fictional universe.   For more information on places (including maps), names, religions, money, etc. visit the website.

The “new” Paksworld books in the Paladin’s Legacy group consists  of five books;  Oath of Fealty (March 2010), Kings of the North (2011), Echoes of Betrayal (2012),  Limits of Power (2013),  and Crown of  Renewal (2014.)

It’s not necessary to read the older books to enter the new series, but if you want to read the older ones (and of course, the writer thinks that’s a great idea!) the best place to start is with the original three (or three-in-one) from Baen BooksSheepfarmer’s DaughterDivided Allegiance, and Oath of Gold, collected as The Deed of Paksenarrion.   The other two books,  forming the deep background behind Deed,  are Surrender None and Liar’s Oath, collected as The Legacy of Gird.    One story from the Paksworld universe, “Those Who Walk in Darkness,” is posted on the Paksworld website; others are listed under short fiction there (two in the collection Moon Flights, and one in the anthology HorseFantastic.)


1) When will you allow an e-book version of  the original Paks books?

All the Paksworld books are available as e-books.   Those published originally by Baen are e-published by Baen and must be downloaded via their site.    Baen has a page of e-reader specific information.

2) a) Why do I have to wait a year between books?   b) Why can’t your publisher release a book within a month after you turn it in?

a) I can’t write any faster; writing one book this size a year is more than a full-time job.   b) Editing, designing, typesetting, and producing a quality book–either on paper or in digital form– is not (no matter what you’ve been told) a matter of just running a Word file through filter software and delivering that to everyone’s e-reader.

3)  Why don’t you write/when will you write more series like Vatta’s War?  I don’t like fantasy.

When I’m through with the books I’m working on, I’ll decide what to do next, in conference with my agent and editor.   Until then,  I’m concentrating on this project.

4) When is the next book coming out?

May 2014; check Amazon for pre-ordering information

5) Do you design the covers?

No.   I do, however, draw the maps.

6)  Will you (when will you) write more  Pakworld stories and where can we find Paksworld short fiction  that already exists?

I am working on related short fiction now, and expect to publish an e-book in the fall of 2014.   This will include both older Paksworld stories published in various places, online and in paper, as well as some new, unpublished stories.