Apr 21

A Joyous Return

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Tags:  April 21st, 2015

As many of you undoubtedly found out over the past near-week,  Verizon screwed up royally last Wednesday and SFF.net, my website host, could not keep everything up and running.   Verizon’s inept an incomplete attempts made things steadily worse.   Websites (with any embedded blogs) went down.   The SFFnet newsgroup tree functioned intermittently.   Today, Verizon finally did enough analysis at their end to a) assign a person who had the authority to actually investigate what was really wrong and make changes to their stuff and b) then discover that the firmware they’d installed as an upgrade days before was in fact faulty (which brought  a router manufacturer in on the problem-solving circuit.)

I don’t know, as of now, if the current “it’s working” will be stable, since Verizon had told SFFnet before that they couldn’t do the real fix until tomorrow maybe (!) but  since it is working now, I’m posting this to explain the blank spot since last week and warn of a possible additional interruption.

The heroes here are the intrepid SFFnet crew, Steve and Jeffrey, who patiently worked their way up the corporate ladder of Verizon  (OK, maybe not *patiently*) until they got to a level where someone could make decisions, not just excuses.

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Sep 12

Site Stuff

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Tags:  September 12th, 2014

Some of you may have noticed the site was offline for awhile last night.   It may be off for a bit today, too, because of some problems with a plug-in and the need to update the basic software and the plug-in.   Also, my comment database is getting large enough to be almost-a-problem at the host site, so I’m going to start pruning it (on my other sites as well.)   So some stuff will disappear, and the site itself may be unavailable for brief periods as Things Change.  It will be back, functioning better and with a smaller “waistline,” when I’m done tinkering with it, which I hope will be finished today.   (The host end help I’ll need for some of this will happen at their convenience, so depending on their other workload it could be any time.)

Please be patient, and I’ll let you know when all the tinkering’s over with.

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Aug 01

Elizabeth’s Internet access is down

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 August 1st, 2013

Just a heads-up to everyone, that Elizabeth lost Internet access over 24 hours ago. The techs at her ISP are working on restoring service, but have not  yet succeeded.

Ruta, Webmistress

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Apr 24

We Have Title for Book V

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Editor has approved the title for Book V:  Crown of Renewal.    Scheduled to release late May 2014, though that’s always subject to change .   You will soon notice that title as a category (like, um, for this post.)

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Mar 22

Outage Reminder

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Tags:  March 22nd, 2013

The lights go out here and on the main site at 10 pm, Central Time in the US  (10 minutes)  but should be back on tomorrow.    Have fun.   See you then.

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Mar 19

Another Possible Outage

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Tags:  March 19th, 2013

Webhost has warned us that things will be nonfunctional on this Friday,  March 22, starting at 10 pm Central Time in the US, and should be back to normal by 6 am Saturday.   No specifics yet on what will be down, which may mean short rolling outages, or everything.     Safer to bet on “everything” and prepare for it.

I suggest games in the extras’ break room (want to make up some interesting and appropriate games this week?)  and serious philosophical and theological and economic discussions in the stars’ private lounge, topics such as “If blue is Gird’s color, and red is Falk’s color, are Girdish more devout because more of them wear blue than Falkians wear red?” or “If making pickles represents an opportunity cost related to the shortage of cucumbers for cucumber sandwiches,  should pickles or cucumbers cost more?” or “If Writer decides to off me in the final volume, do I still get paid through the end of the month?”   Or anything else you can come up with.

Farrier’s coming at 8 am and he’s never late; must go feed horses now.

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Sep 24

Story on Website

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Tags: ,  September 24th, 2010

“Those Who Walk in Darkness,” written at the same time as Oath of Gold, and published in the now out-of-print Baen collections Lunar Activity (1990)and Phases, is now posted on the Paksworld website.

It did not fit in Oath of Gold, but it was a story I had to write, and it is, in a way, a connection to the new books…a sure sign that I was destined to write “paladin fallout” stories later on.

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Aug 11

Advance Warning #3 (final, probably)

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Tags:  August 11th, 2009

OK–Verizon has finally told SFF.net when the change will take place–“sometime” between midnight and 6 am  Central Daylight Time (for the US, this is)  on Friday the 14th.   All services there (my websites, these blogs, the mail and news servers) will go *poof* for at least two hours as the SFF.net staff puts things back online and checks them out.  Maybe longer.

So don’t expect to access my stuff (this stuff, for instance) from midnight to at least 8 am CDT.

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Aug 10

Advance Warning #2

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Tags:  August 10th, 2009

Remember that SFF.net, which hosts my sites (and thus these blogs) expects everything to be unavailable for a considerable time on August 16, and the instability will probably start on August 14–this Friday.

Do not worry–stuff will come back eventually.   If I get more details I’ll let you know, except that I’ll be gone starting August 14 (ArmadilloCon in Austin, Texas, for the weekend) and won’t be home until next Wednesday the 20th.  I’m flying out to South Carolina on Monday morning.   That means any last minute updates from SFF.net will miss me.  Any of you who are on SFF.net yourselves might want to check the admin.announce newsgroup, and if you see an update, let others know.  Don’t email me–I’m not taking the laptop to the convention or South Carolina…I’ll find out what’s happened when I get back (and hopefully, by then everything will be back up with its new IP numbers.)

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Jul 23

Advance warning: site outage

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Tags:  July 23rd, 2009

Hey folks–my webhost just warned us all that Verizon (which supplies their access to everything) is insisting on making big changes, including of their IP numbers.   So on or about August 14 (if the schedule doesn’t change)  the Paksworld site and this blog will go *poof* for at least one day, and maybe more–the web host will have alternate servers in another location, but they expect things to be ‘bobbly,’ as they say, for about 72 hours and hopefully not longer.

We’re promised more details later on, and I’ll pass those on to you, as well as reminding you a few days before the blank-out that it’s coming.   If anyone misses this announcement and the next, and emails you in a panic about it, please share the word.

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