Nov 04

On Discussion and Spoilers

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Crown of Renewal has been out long enough now that it’s OK to discuss it–and the rest of the existing Paksworld books–without needing to use Spoiler Space.

However, a question for the group: Some of you have by now read the Paksworld story “First Blood” in Shattered Shields and others of you may not have…and yet you might want to discuss it in relation to the surrounding milieu. The same is/will be true of “Mercenary’s Honor” in the forthcoming Operation Arcana anthology, and the new (and maybe older) Paksworld short fiction in Deeds of Honor. So do we need a Spoiler Space specifically for short fiction? Does it bother you as much when a short piece is discussed before you’ve read it?

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Mar 15

A Gentle Reminder

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No one here has made this mistake.  However, in the greater blogosphere, I see this kind of thing coming and going, and as far as this blog is concerned, I want it to go and stay away.

“What?  What’s wrong?” I hear you say.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Oct 29

Question for Groupmind

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Without knowing anything about the plot, and just on your first reaction, which of the following titles would be most attractive to you for a story?

A) “Forethought”    B) “Mercenary’s Honor”   C)  “Meeting of Minds”   D) “Old Age and Treachery”  E) “Learning Experience”   F) None of the Above and here’s my suggestion. Read the rest of this entry »

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Aug 17

Reader Help Request

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Did I, or did I not, within the past two years, post a picture or two of my messy office?

If I did, and if anyone knows where it is, I’d appreciate the reference.


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Jul 27

Help the Author

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In the first book of all–Sheepfarmer’s Daughter–there is a comment about the colors worn by Sofi Ganarrion’s cavalry troop and by Vladi’s polearms company.   I can’t find it.   I thought it was in this chapter…then in that chapter…it’s just a casual mention, but…where?   I know it’s there, but I have conflicting notes from another time…and I’m writing a side-story from Crown of Renewal that involves a cohort of Ganarrion’s people, and need the colors.  (If the editor likes it, that story will be in an anthology called Shattered Shields, coming out from Baen.)

So I’d very much appreciate it if someone who’s got the time could  answer that.

In the meantime, revisions are almost done (somewhat slowed by needing to get this story out of its snit and finished.   I’ll post about its intransigent nature later.)

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Jun 23

Request for Reader Help

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I’ve misplaced my reference copy of Oath of Fealty (there are copies around somewhere, but…it’s Lazy Day) and cannot remember the name of the functionary in the palace in Vérella who’s in charge of the treasury.    This would be when Dorrin delivers the regalia.    I think that’s the first instance of this person showing up, but I don’t have a name in the Names file, or a title.  And though I’ve tried to go through the novel’s own master file…my eyes are glazing over.    If someone’s got a reference from one of the other volumes, that’s  also great.

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Mar 23

Nose to the Grindstone

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Right now, I’m pouring words into the files for Book V, so I’m not keeping up with everything the Punctuation Working Group is doing….trying to check comments and email a few times a day, but not really able to concentrate on anything but stuff I can’t tell you yet.   (I should have been listening to different music…finally thought mixing Smetana’s Bartered Bride first act with Saint-Saens’ symphonies, not Beethoven.  And…it’s galloping.)   I’d forgotten the particular combination of suspense, darkness, and explosive brilliance, in that one in particular…goosebumps.  Lots and lots of goosebumps.   Just what I needed.)

Anyway, my brain’s not in pronunciation right now.   It’s in getting Book V done to “send to editor standard”.

Forgive the inattention after handing over that job, please.

Also–remember that my webmistress wants the output as a .doc, .rtf, or .txt file.  She has her own tricks for making it pretty on the website and says those are an easier starting point than others.   (Also, I can’t read docx or xcl files on my machine, so I can’t look files over before sending them on to her.)

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Mar 19

Anyone Want to Help?

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Brilliance, who are working on the new Paksworld audiobooks,  sent me a list of words for help with pronunciation.  And then another list.   Remembering that some time back we had a discussion here (more than one, maybe?) on pronunciation of words from Paksworld,   and other questions I’ve had, I set to work on them.    And kept the list and my attempts at making pronunciation easier on files for myself.    The list has about 140 words/names on it, but they’re not in alphabetical order (in order of appearance in the text, apparently)  and I think there are some duplicates.  Also, it’s not complete, if you go back to the first books: there are names and places and words that aren’t included.

You see where I’m going, I’ll bet.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Jan 05

Need Some Help: Contest Related

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In case no one’s checking the comments in the contest thread…I’ve now read everything and made what I hope is an accurate list of unique contributors.

But, given that I’ve been sick and foggy-headed, I’d like someone else to count that too.  I get thirty unique contributors…is that what y’all think?    Once I have a check on the number, I can run the random number app and have a winner.

BTW…great entries.  I was so smart not to think I could pick a winner on merit because there were too many really good ones!

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Jul 19

Group Research Help

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Help, please!  I need someone with time on their hands and a copy of the books so far to hunt up a few things for me, if you would be so kind.

1> In which book (and which year of the current series–considering year one started with Oath and Kieri’s coronation)  did Dorrin take on squires?

2> Did the passage talking about that say anything about the length of the squire contract?   (I’m guessing two years, but am not sure.  If it was tied to ending at a specific age, then it’s different for each.)

3> Somewhere, in some book, I mentioned the squires’ actual ages (or some of their actual ages) and how much the age difference was.  I know Beclan is eldest, but cannot remember how much, and I need to know all three.  Again, which book, and what year of the current story.

Apologies for asking y’all to work, but I’m deep in something that needs to keep rolling and if I stop to look I’ll lose the momentum.  Am leaving square bracket spaces to fill in later.  Thanks!

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