Dec 05

Plotbombs Away!

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No better sign of a really live book than plotbombs, annoying as they are when they arrive as I’m trying to go to sleep because I have to get up early in the morning to be ready for the 8 am plumber, because R- will be somewhere between here and there picking up M from his apartment in the city to take him to the dentist in a city between here and there.  Why couldn’t the plotbombs have arrived at a decent hour, say 2 pm in the afternoon?  (I hear the plot daemon’s wicked chuckle over there behind the boiler…followed by a headshake and “Ye should be thankin’ me, lass, not complainin'”)

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Feb 04

A Sprinkling of Plotbombs

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So…now that I’m well again, and have gotten the two government reports off my desk, and finished another commitment that held on until last night (committees…not my favorite work environment, but someone has to do it sometimes.  Just not me for awhile now)…now the book is trotting briskly ahead and today threw some plot bombs at me.  Lovely ones.

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Apr 10

3:30 am Plotbomb Attack

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I woke up with a headache, and lay there thinking “Not a migraine today, PLEASE.”    But apparently, the headache was a plot bomb about to burst in my skull.  Two, in fact, one each for the viewpoint characters involved.     As you have heard before, I enjoy plot bombs (words flow out with less effort and at least 80% of them are going to stay.)    But I see no reason why these plot bombs had to wake me up after only three hours sleep, instead of letting me rest until daylight and dropping their contributions down my turret hatch then.

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Mar 21

The Megaton Plot Bomb

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Evidently Book V is over its snit.   I did not sleep much last night (memory of the previous night’s scorpion sting meant that any noise in the house translated into “There’s a scorpion” and so did any “feeling” on my skin) but the reward for insomnia was a massive download of intuitive stuff for Book V.

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Oct 30

PlotBomb Goes Kapowie

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So this afternoon I was hacking away at stuff, helped by Ms. Rancherfriend who has an excellent eye for the “enough of that, already” passages (she’s the reason the first Paks books did not chronicle every single hour of slogging through the mud. )  And while talking to her, a nagging little worry about a scene you will now never see  (because it Did Not Happen that way!)  suddenly rose up even though she hadn’t mentioned it, and I asked her what she thought about it.

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Jan 10

Out of the Starting Gate

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Saturday didn’t really count.   Today is the official Day One of Book IV, and Book bounded out of the starting gate and gave me its daily wordage in a little less than 3 hours.    The pace isn’t flat out gallop (boy, the first two paragraphs were!) because it’s a long race and it’s better not to push too hard too soon.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Dec 17

Plot Bomb Again

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Very, very, VERY big plot bomb.   Jaw-dropping for the writer looking at the mass of Story that just exploded into her head and is wondering how the heck to write it as well as it deserves.  This one covers a lot of ground, temporal and geographic.

All praise to the Plot Daemon, who has outdone himself.  (“All right, all right, lassie.  Now will you just go back up there and steer?”)

(Back to work.)

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Feb 19

Day of the Plotbomb

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Tags: , ,  February 19th, 2010

I’ve talked about plotbombs before, and how they sometimes dump 1-2 chapters on me without warning, exploding all through the plot and making some things clear while making other things change. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jan 12

Plot Bomb

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Book three just dropped a plot bomb on me.   And boy, is it going to have repercussions if it turns out to be a real one.

And no, I can’t tell you anything about it.

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Dec 17

Plotbombs During Surgery

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Tags: , , ,  December 17th, 2009

Talk about mixed blessings…I get this monster down to a reasonable length, and then someone says “Yes, but…” and I start working on that, and boom! comes a plotbomb that explodes all over the scenery, showering it with many-many words.  Read the rest of this entry »

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