Nov 05

Ack! Apology!

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Tags:  November 5th, 2012

There were two comments in the Moderation box; I thought I approved both of them, but only one showed up in Comments a moment later.    Sometimes I hit the wrong button, and apparently this was one of those times.   Feel free to re-post your comment, if you like.  (I thought it was a nice comment, for whatever that’s worth, since I zapped it.)

Moderation’s empty at the moment, so whoever had a post that was delayed showing up, and still hasn’t shown up–my sincere apologies.  The Moderator (and that would be me) goofed.  Since I look at content, not the names or the post being commented on, (I save that for after, when I’m actually answering comments)  I have no hope of knowing whose it was.  Because some days are like this and I’m an idiot.

EDITED:   Just looked at my inbox, and the comment shows up there…so why isn’t it in Comments, or (in a panic about accidentally zapping it) did I miss it and it was right in front of my face?   (Because some days are like this and I’m an idiot?)

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Nov 05

Why isn’t [title] available in [this] format?

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The comment that the Gird & Luap omnibus wasn’t available from Audible as an audiobook brought up an issue that I see a lot of in email, so I’m going to mention it here (not, by the way, as a slam at people who ask the questions, Sam in particular this time.   They’re reasonable questions to ask.)   Maybe this will help (and maybe you can boost the signal about the lesser-known ends of publishing.)

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