Nov 03

And So…

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Tags:  November 3rd, 2012

The ensuing days have been busy, and the first essay deadline’s been met.   Though I should be working on the foreword for the 10th anniversary The Speed of Dark, Book V dragged me back (interrupted by watching the Sandy coverage and for friends’ return online after.  Also, there was this 43rd anniversary we had, and yes–we went out to dinner.)    I don’t have the final title for Book V (as you can imagine, communication with Editor has been…er…nonexistent as the whole publishing industry in Manhattan has been struggling to get back to work, along with others.)

But…a critical scene is slowly coming together.    As previously hinted, yes–certain things left hanging in Liar’s Oath will be dealt with.  How to deal with them has been a problem, and how to gauge the effect of magelords who slept through close to 500 years has been tricky.    Is it even possible for them to be wakened and brought out of Kolobia?   What if it’s not?   Will they all just die?  Or–would something kill them in place?    If so, what, and why not before now?

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