Oct 25

Writer Recovery

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 October 25th, 2012

OK, I’m back.   Awake, aware, capable of independent movement and thought.   The thoughts are whirling a bit right now (happy at being out of their cage, I expect.)    Now…where were we?   Oh, yes.  Post trip report on book, etc.

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Oct 21

Not in the Plan

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I had all sorts of plans for yesterday and today, but they were scuppered by an attack-bug of some sort that showed up overnight after I got home.  Fever, chills, aches, gut disturbance…bleh.  So I’m home, but not fighting-fit.  Or writing-fit.    Just to absolve myself of any blame (and I did try to be careful) I ‘m blaming New York ComicCon and the dense crowds of people carrying diseases to which I have no immunity.

This is not a serious illness, I’m sure…just miserable…and I should be well again in a few days, or at least better.  I had a flu shot before the trip, so if it’s flu, it should be milder than it would otherwise have been…and if it’s something else, then…I’ll just live over it, as usual.

However, yesterday I wasn’t up to going online for more than 5 minutes (and dealt with emergent situations)  and today’s going to be limited, so don’t expect much chatter from this end for awhile.    (Biggest disappointment–the pitcher sage, an “old prairie” plant that we have some remnant populations of, is now at peak, according to my husband.  It blooms only in October, briefly, with sky-blue flowers on a stalk from 3 to 6 feet high and I really, REALLY wanted to photograph it.  Also, NewBike is waiting and I expected to roll it out yesterday and ride up to town.  SIGH.)

I have been re-reading Mr. Sponge’s Sporting Tour in short snatches, one of my “sickbed” reading favorites.   It’s by Surtees, and those of you who have not had the pleasure of reading any of Surtees’ hunting novels should hunt one up–this is in my top three of his–and enjoy the biting satire.  Far less preachy than Dickens or Kingsley or Thackery, as witty as Austen or Trollope, with–like Dickens–a gift for names.

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Oct 15

Still Here, Sort Of

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Or, more properly, “there”–in a hotel room in NYC before another busy day.   New York Comic Con is over (yesterday last day) , and today is meeting with Agent plus dinner with friend, plus the pre-travel-home chores (send out laundry and too many others).  Tomorrow is meeting with Editor & Staff at Publisher.   Both meetings involve lunch.

Behind me now are three operas, a wedding, a signing at NYCC, another visit to NYCC yesterday to a)( visit a friend’s booth in Artists’ Alley and buy some of her cool stuff (I love Carol’s web comic SPQR Blues)  and b) attend a couple of panels and c) meet up with two  former Editors and Publicity Director for dinner.   Also a lot of walking and subway riding and too little actual sleep.  NYCC  was fun despite the crowds and some initial glitches (more about some of that, later, maybe)–the book signing went very well–we gave away all the books brought for me to sign & give away, and I also signed stock at the Barnes & Noble booth (which I’d managed to miss on Friday) on Sunday.  (Saturday was my friend’s daughter’s wedding, and yes, it took up my whole day.)

Some decisions have been made about what will and won’t be in Book V.    Some discussion with agent about what comes next, though more such discussion will take place today.  Some additional insight into publishing has been achieved, though never quite enough to feel that I can foresee any oncoming trains on the track I’m on.

I will be on trains and thus out of reliable wireless contact for three days starting Wednesday as I wend my way home.  I may or may not have time to get back online later today or tomorrow.    I should’ve synched the address book of the home computer to this netbook before I left, but with all the trouble I was having that didn’t happen.  Sigh.  Anyway–apologies for the long silence heretofore, and the next long silence to come.

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Oct 03

Against the Flow

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This time…THIS time I thought I’d scheduled all the packing stuff far enough in advance.  Monday, this.  Tuesday, that.  Wednesday, fold and place in suitcase, and…whew!  Thursday morning a final exercise ride, then wash my hair, throw the luggage in the car, and head for the city (where I’m spending the night with friends who will drop me at the train station, so we don’t have to worry about rush-hour traffic driving in on Friday.)

The trouble started on Monday when the power adapter for the netbook wasn’t in its place.  Either place.  It continued when the netbook, woken up on battery after a nice rest (I don’t use it at home much) started to install a new version of one of its programs and hung up.  Couldn’t wait it out–it was on battery power.  Forced a shut-down.   Called around and finally ordered a new power adapter and rush shipping.    All that helped me forget that Monday was supposed to be flu shot day, and go to the city and buy a decent pair of jeans for the train day.

So, Tuesday.  Tuesday would be the city trip day.   After the stuff I needed to get done before I left, including hand-washing some wool socks.  The place that advertised flu shots (big HEB grocery 20-odd miles away) turned out to have them only from 10 to 12 noon, and though I was there shortly before noon, the flu shot givers weren’t.   On into the city.   Where the car  gentle (!) announced that it was going to need service soon.   EEEK.   No time to get the car 20 miles in the opposite direction from home for service.    Husband will have to do that while I’m gone.  Along with getting himself and son flu shots and  making sure son gets registered to vote in time (he sent in his registration application weeks ago–no card has come in the mail.)

Another place where I sought a  power adapter in case the one on order didn’t get here in time–couldn’t be sure their universal adapter would work, and I hadn’t brought the netbook along.   OK, jeans and slacks.   Only, I forgot that a certain road dead-ends with no warning.  Finally, jeans and slacks.  Takes awhile if you’re not a svelte young (or old) thing, but old and un-svelte.    Found a place for a flu shot on the way out of the city, and then went grocery shopping (we were nearly out of milk, and I needed snack stuff for the train)  and then the slight but distinct after-effects of the flu shot hit when I got home. Did manage to cast on the second red sock in the backup pair that will travel with me.

Today–hit the ground running, yes sirree.   Only to find in the email some “got to have this now” things from two different editors, and some other business-related stuff to do as well.   Still, got laundry in, then hung on the line, another load in,  first load brought off the line and folded, a third load in (some finally dried in dryer) , linens changed on bed, decisions made about some shirts.   Actually rode NewBike to the post office to pick up mail, had mail to deal with.   The new adapter arrived for the netbook.  Plugged it in, turned it on…and that began six hours of frustration as the netbook objected to having been shut down and refused to make a clean boot until after many iterations, including more forced shutdowns.  But it’s working now.  Finally.

However:  The trip to the bank never happened.   Some of the packing is still in limbo.   The big suitcase isn’t out of the closet yet.  The last laundry’s in the dryer, waiting for me to fold it before I go to bed.  (It also has the pillow-cases for this bed.)  There’s  a lot to be done tomorrow.   But I did write another couple of pages on Book V.

I will get you all one more snippet before I leave. Somehow.  It may be a bit scrappy.

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Oct 01

Signing at New York Comic Con

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I’ll be signing books for giveaways at the Random House booth at New York ComicCon on Friday, from 1 pm to 2 pm.    They’ll be giving away some of my books (don’t know which.)   If you have books you want signed but can’t be there at that time,  I will also be around (but not at that location, though maybe near it–not sure of layout) for another hour or two (depends what I learn about the time to travel between Javits Center and my hotel, as I have an opera that night (!) .  I also plan to be at NYCC again on Sunday afternoon, especially to attend the panel discussion featuring Betsy Mitchell, Shelly Shapiro, and Colleen Lindsay at 4 pm.   I expect to be near that panel venue at least a half hour early.  If you find me wandering around and need a book signed, I’ll be happy to do so.

I do not have a smart-phone, so no tweeting where I am (sorry…still using the clamshell oldie…it works)  but if I get the new power adapter for my netbook in time, I”ll be posting more info once I’m in NYC.   I’m looking forward to exploring the convention myself, since I have the free time to do so.

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