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Posted: March 15th, 2010 under Interview, Marketing, Oath of Fealty, Revisions, the writing life.
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…and tomorrow the book’s out in the stores.  I hope you in the US are as excited as I am, and that if you pre-ordered online, your copies arrive on your doorstep (or whatever you use) on time tomorrow.    (Those of you in Europe who already have the UK version…try not to hand out too many spoilers.  At least until the end of the week, OK?)

Tomorrow afternoon,  John Hemry, who writes The Lost Fleet series as Jack Campbell,  will join me in a live online chat at the Suvudu site.   (This link is to last week’s reminder post.)  We’re going to talk about research issues in science fiction and fantasy.    We actually started on that during last week’s taping of an audio interview.    The chat will start at 4 pm Eastern Daylight Time; there are directions on the Suvudu site for signing in for the chat (now I just have to re-find mine for making the connection on the writer-side…I know I put it somewhere safe…)   Would love to have some people from here involved.

And a reminder you may not need–if you’re in the Austin area tomorrow night, I’ll be doing a reading, Q&A, and  signing at Book People, 6th and Lamar, starting at 7 pm.  Come celebrate Oath of Fealty‘s release with me!

Meanwhile, work on revisions hasn’t ceased–I was up until almost midnight last night struggling with one of the two more structural comments.   I’m now down to two items…but must be done by the end of the week.  (Two items from Editor…I do keep finding “stuff” that needs a tweak, so those are being dealt with as I notice them.  Amazing what you don’t notice even after several drafts!)

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  • Comment by Ian jansenvanbeek — June 19, 2010 @ 9:30 am


    Wow Elizabeth, just finished Oath of Fealty and I just had to say thankyou!!, I read DOP back in the early 90’s and have enjoyed your strong female heroines wrapped in a SF adventure greatly over the years.
    I watched your storytelling skills grow and by the end of the Vatta series couldn’t help but remark on the progression of your craft, always wishing and waiting for you to return to Paks and her world.
    It was my friends son Saben ( named for you know who ) who told me about you going back to the Paks storyarc, a quick b-line to the bookstork and two days later here I am congratulating you on a job very well done!!, Thank You again Elizabeth. Cheers. Ian

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