May 21

Out and About

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For Orbit UK, Rachel Bach and I interviewed each other; my interview of her went up a few weeks ago (I did mention that, didn’t I?   I hope?)   and her interview of me is up now at the Orbit blog.   It’s not specifically about Crown of Renewal but it’s a nice general thing.  We were asked to pose 4-5 questions for each other–and we both enjoyed the process.

Next week (Wednesday the 27th)  I’ll be Twitter-chatting with Brian Thomas Schmidt on SFF Chat for an hour (no doubt annoying my choir director, because I won’t be at rehearsal.)   Schmidt,  you may recall, is the editor of Shattered Shields, the fantasy anthology a new Paksworld story is coming out in.   Some of you may be too engrossed in Crown to join us, but any who want to (whose Crown copy didn’t arrive?) are welcome.   As you can see from the website transcripts, Mr. Schmidt has a wicked sense of humor and I will have to be quick on my mental feet to keep up with him and those who enter the conversation.   (There will be more reminders about this.  That’s how the writer ego works…) Read the rest of this entry »

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Mar 15

One More Day & A Heads-up

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…and tomorrow the book’s out in the stores.  I hope you in the US are as excited as I am, and that if you pre-ordered online, your copies arrive on your doorstep (or whatever you use) on time tomorrow.    (Those of you in Europe who already have the UK version…try not to hand out too many spoilers.  At least until the end of the week, OK?)

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Feb 17

Sadness and An Opportunity for You

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My husband’s niece lost her husband this morning to a sudden, very severe infection that started last week.   This isn’t a part of the family I know well, but I’m very sorry for her and their two children.

Between Ash Wednesday meditations and this,  no writing has been added to the new book, though I dealt with a lot of writing business today.    One of the bits of writing business was getting set up for an online chat, that will take place with John Hemry ( author of the Lost Fleet books as Jack Campbell and JAG in Space books as John Hemry) and fans, on March 16 between 4 and 5 pm Eastern Time.   Our editor suggested that we talk about researching for writing, and we’ve exchanged ideas and questions today.

The fan portal for the chat will be through, and if you wander past there, you’ll see that online chats are fairly common.   John and I have known each other for years–it should be a lot of fun for all.   I think it’s great that modern communications give us the chance to do things like this.  I hope you’ll come see what happens.   (And yes, there will be reminders…)

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