Mar 18

Legends I: Torre

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Instead of a snippet today, a background legend from Paksworld.   The origins are far enough back that it’s not possible to be sure where it originated, and many versions exist.    No spoilers here. Read the rest of this entry »

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Apr 13

Holidays & Religious Celebrations 1

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Since Holy Week kept me away from writing or posting new stuff last week, it seems appropriate to share a little background material on the holidays and celebrations of the Paksworld universe.   (The main religious background material is here for those of you just joining the party.)

The biggest–recognized in all the religions though celebrated differently–are the four big astronomical markers: the Eveners (spring and fall) equivalent to our Equinoxes, and the shortest day/longest night (Midwinter) and longest day/shortest night (Midsummer.)

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Mar 31

New on website: religions & characters

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Most of the background stuff for Religions and Characters is now up at the Paksworld website.

The character list is not complete for past books (has none of the Gird/Luap characters but Gird himself, for instance)  but also…it will grow with the story.    It should, however, be useful now.

If you prefer a perfectly alphabetical list,  copy that one, yank out the division titles, and have at it…she says wickedly.



Comments are welcome, but the lists aren’t likely to be changed (added to, revised, whatever) for awhile, as both my web-guru and I are facing a very busy month.

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