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Posted: October 31st, 2009 under Background.
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Some of you will remember the “Rules of Aare” quoted and discussed extensively in Surrender None.   Some will also remember the various mentions of Old Aare, legends and stories and songs about that mysterious land and the “fall” of Aare that brought the magelords across the sea.   You know it’s across the Immerhoft Sea from Aarenis, and that Aarenis was named for it:  “Daughter of Aare.”

But the deep mysteries of Old Aare are central to the long story arc of this group of books…what happened in Aare has had consquences affecting the entire north as well.    There are a few hints of this in Oath of Fealty, though it’s mostly concerned with the immediate consequences of Kieri’s  move to Lyonya.    More show up in book two.   Paks unwittingly involved herself in the affairs of Aare, elves, dwarves, dragons,  and magelords even before she became a paladin…everyone she touched is changed by that, as well as just her personality and more obvious paladin qualities.

So a lot of questions will be answered, though I can’t promise they all will be (in fact, probably not.  Just the big ones.)

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