Feb 10

First-Fifty Spoiler Space

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I can see the bubbles of desire to talk about the book.  I deeply sympathize (yes, in that way) so here is a spoiler space for that purpose.  HOWEVER…those of you who got the whole book early may NOT mention anything past the end of what’s posted online.  OK?  We don’t want uncivil wars around here.

Spoiler Space Rules:  If you don’t want any spoilers, DO NOT READ below the break, and DO NOT READ any comments to this thread.  You  have been warned.  Spoilers are roaming around loose and unconfined on the other side of the fence,  so if you venture beyond the break, you will find some.   Those of you who don’t mind a bit, having read the first 50 pages online, or not, are free to have encounters with loose spoilers.

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Feb 10

And an Update

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The history page on the Paksworld website has now been updated and expanded.   Ever wonder what they use for money in the different realms?   Want to know more about trade?   You folks were showing enough interest that when I went into the file to fix typos (and let’s hope I didn’t just create more typos)  I decided to add more information.

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Feb 10

Fifty Pages Friday

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My US publisher offers 50 pages of a new book free every Friday, and today that’s Echoes of Betrayal.   Read fifty pages, plus some paragraphs I wrote about the process at http://sf-fantasy.suvudu.com/2012/02/50-page-fridays-elizabeth-moon.html .

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