Oath in Fargo, ND

Posted: April 2nd, 2010 under Life beyond writing, Reader Help.
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Holding up its end of the shelf,  the last copy of Oath of Fealty in the Barnes & Noble store in Fargo, ND (as of March 31, anyway):

Photo courtesy of Liz Bennefeld

Naturally, I hope that copy sold and the store re-ordered, but it’s a delight to see the books behaving well together, even though they’re very different.   (And if you think this is a veiled political reference, that would be yes.)  I’ve had a busy two days of church services, so there will be two “Oath Book Tour” photo posts tonight to make up for it.   (For non-Christians, or Christians of other branches,  the Maundy Thursday evening service,  Good Friday services, Holy Saturday services, all culminate in the Easter Vigil Saturday evening and then the Easter Sunday services.   For choirs involved in this, it’s a very intense schedule of very serious music…today, for instance, we sang anthems by Brahms, Bruckner, Bach, and Mendelssohn. )

I’m particularly glad to see Once a Hero snuggling up to Oath (barely visible to the right)  because in my own mind, that’s the book that started me back toward Paks’s world, even though it was a long time coming, still.   (Well, so was Remnant Population, but in a different way.)

Tomorrow I have a book signing in Killeen, which is always fun and interesting.

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