A Little Surprise

Posted: February 8th, 2010 under Life beyond writing, the writing life.
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This morning, Editor asked me to please write some posts for the Suvudu.com blogsite.    Sure, I said, and began fiddling, but was interrupted by a needed trip to an optician’s shop to order new glasses.  This afternoon, Editor asked me if I had any short fiction related to the new book.    Maybe something had been cut?  Maybe I could write a short-short?   Huh?  And I thought “O waily waily woe, I’m trying to write an essay (that wasn’t working well yet) and anyway I’m not good at short-shorts.”  (Yes, even experienced writers have self-defeating moments.)

And even as I thought that…up popped a notion of what might work.  Bing!

In less than an hour and a half (I think–when I’m writing that fast I’m not watching the clock, but I think…)   I had a completed 1100 word short-short about a character most of you like: Arvid Semminson.   Then I tinkered and smoothed and shifted things around to read more smoothly.

Of course, fast as that was, it was after work hours in NYC, so I haven’t had a response from Editor yet.   But she’ll see it tomorrow, and when/if it goes up, I’ll definitely let you know.  If Editor doesn’t like it, I might post it here or on the website.  It fits neatly between the last time you saw him in Oath of Gold and the first time you’ll see him in Kings of the North.

Added to the work I did on Book III before the request for an essay came in, it puts me up to about 1500 fiction words for the day.

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