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Posted: January 25th, 2010 under Contents, the writing life.
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Had a bit of trouble getting this to post, but…here it is.   It’s been an interesting few days, in the not-fun way, as I hinted previously.   However, and in spite of nothing being settled, work is still going on.

What bad guys should remember is that good guys aren’t dead until you kill them, and if you don’t kill them, don’t be surprised if they escape whatever misery you’d planned for them.    What good guys should remember is the physical properties of what they’re tied up with.

If,  for instance, you’re tied up with something that stretches when wet, and it starts raining, you’re in a different situation than if you were tied up with something that shrinks when wet.   (The writer of this fantasy is prevented from using new materials she just read about in the science journal Nature, even when they would be so very, very cool in a story.  They’ll have to wait until she’s back in science fiction.)

Bad guys may remember that the strength of rockfolk comes from the…well…rock, and remember to put a sort of insulator between the rockfolk feet and the rock beneath the tree they’ve tied the individual to…but should understand that if anyone puts any part of that gnome’s or dwarf’s body in contact with a rock…all bets are off.   (Not mine: I bet on the rockfolk.)

I’m not entirely sure what Dattur has planned for the bad guys in this case, but I am sure that they won’t find it pleasant.   It may even shock Arvid.   But, as Dattur has said before, “Your law is not the Law.”

But all that’s in Book 3.

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