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This information on Policies is now posted on its own page (see links above) for reference, but I thought I’d stick it in as a post as well.  We’ve now had enough spam comments and comments that just weren’t quite appropriate that I thought it was time to reveal the rules by which comments are moderated.

This blog is for discussion of the books that make up Paksenarrion’s World and the background research that goes into them. See About Paksworld for more information.

At present, readers can comment without registration. That may change at any time if comments become a problem.

The first comment from any source does not appear on the site it’s been approved. Most pending comments will be cleared within 48 hours, holidays excepted. (Moderator has a life, quite full.)

Comments that look like spam will be reported as spam. Future comments from that source will be assumed spam and sent to the spam bucket.

Comments that contain inappropriate titles, topics, or language will be deleted without notice. If a first comment is deleted, the next from that source will also go to moderation before appearing on the site.

Titles: Comments don’t need titles; if used, titles should not look like spam–sex, money, politics and nonspecific greetings (“Hi”) lend a spam-like look and may get your coment deleted or reported as spam. If you want to use a title, make it appropriate to the topic-range of this blog.

Topics: Since topic drift is a constant of the ‘net-verse, moderator may let a conversation drift in hopes that it will drift back, usually with a reminder that this blog has a narrower channel than others, but eventually (and sooner in some cases) off-topic posts will be deleted. It’s non-negotiable.

Language: Verbal abuse and profanity are inappropriate here. Disagreement is OK; abuse and harrassment are not. Asterisks, exclamation points, and other typography can substitute for profanity when the unabridged dictionary isn’t enough (it usually is….)

Copyright. It’s not just an old-fashioned word, it’s the law. And it’s a law that matters. So don’t post copyrighted work here without permission (except for brief quotes in the course of a discussion) and cite the source for anything you do quote. Don’t post elsewhere (off this blog) anything you find here without permission of its writer, whether it’s the blog-owner or someone else’s comment.

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