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Posted: November 9th, 2009 under Life beyond writing, Submitting, the writing life.
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And it’s gone, and Editor has received it (email is a lot easier, I will admit.  No days of waiting to find out if it actually got there.  OTOH,  no days of absolute safety during which I can’t be told it’s awful.)

So what now?  Well, what now includes pulling out Book Three and easing into it (unless it grabs my arm and yanks me aboard a galloping horse, which books sometimes do),  finding the new Great Map and working on it (though that requires clearing off the kitchen table again…),  thinking up interesting contests for you, dealing with some business-end-of-writing stuff (still haven’t ordered those bookplates, etc.), and some non-writing Lifestuff coming up (marking my Messiah score by rehearsal time, preparing to help with the “fabrication” (technical term, no kidding) of a beef carcass over on a friend’s ranch, and…er….housecleaning.  Something that desperately needs doing between books and sometimes doesn’t get done because the next book is already rocketing along.   But Thanksgiving is coming, with guests, so it must be done.  And then there’s the holiday music schedule, which is (as always) full of rehearsals and performances.   This year our choir’s doing Messiah with the  Austin Symphony and also being the lead choir for the community sing-along Messiah.  Plus Advent and Christmas music.

Soon enough (!) Editor and Agent comments will land on me and I’ll be immersed in the next stage of revision/rewriting.   So do not imagine that I’m lounging idly in a hammock, dozing the hours away.  (Sigh.  Nice thought.)

It went in Untitled.   I need to go back and look at all the titles (none of which grabbed me, but one might grab the editor) and see if I can come up with something that feels right.


  • Comment by hliu — February 28, 2012 @ 10:15 pm


    I am not too good at blogging, but in my copy of the three books about paksenarrion all together in one paperback, there is one place where hauk is spelled hawk, and another where due and do are confused. this is so it can get fixed before the next publication. I figure you can just word search for hawk, etc. maybe

  • Comment by elizabeth — February 28, 2012 @ 10:31 pm


    The omnibus edition has had a few problems with variations between printings–not sure why, and I no longer get to proofread it. Also, I do not have a digital version of it (um…one of the transfers of media failed, years ago, and that was my last sight of it in digital form–by the time I realized the intermediate form had gone bad, it was too late.) I can’t do a digital search…so you might want to contact Baen Books and tell them. They have the current digital files.

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