One Small Step…(no giant leap yet)

Posted: July 18th, 2009 under Life beyond writing, the writing life.
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It’s been small steps this week, for various reasons.

There was the first test of the new meat saw over at the ranch, which resulted in the need to make lamb curry (need is a relative term.  We like lamb curry a lot.)    But that took up a morning–not the single cut, but cleaning the meat saw afterwards.   In Paks’s world, there are no big meat band saws…there are big butchers with sharp knives and cleavers in the cities, and experienced persons elsewhere.    It’s easier to clean a knife than a band saw, but harder to cut up the carcass.

We have finally given up on the spring/summer garden (over 30 days of over 100F temperatures and no rain will do that to a garden) and dug everything out.   We would normally be planting winter squash now, except that the severe drought means water restrictions, so the baby squash would simply fry in the sun like everything else.  We’ve been working on the water garden, too…and I’ve been doing the summer reorganization of the pantries.    I always find something tucked far in the back, minus its label.   This time it was jar of something that might once have been plum jam.  And the missing small round griddle I was looking for before I bought the square one.

Anyway, though the actual words on the file have increased only slightly, and the revision of book two is barely out of the first hundred pages,  mental progress has continued.   Unfortunately (for now) book two has started growing in revision, as there needs to be more about squires.  Not King’s Squires, but ordinary squires.   There needs to be more here and there about this and that, so I have more to look at when I start cutting it back down again.  And at some point I may have to mention that someone is no longer pregnant.  Or maybe not.  We’ll see.

On the home front, did I mention dry and hot?  Yes?  OK, enough of that.  How about my husband having a birthday…yup, he’s now as old as I am again.    And we discovered that a Bundt cake is nearly impossible to get out of the cake pan whole, no matter how well you grease and flour the pan.

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