ArmadilloCon 2023: Great Time

Posted: August 7th, 2023 under Life beyond writing.

I had a great time at ArmadilloCon August 4-6, even though a variety of transport problems resulted in a later start and later arrival than planned so I was driving in the full blaze of a very hot day–the only kind we’re having this summer.   I had a box of books to consign to Siros Books  in the dealer’s room and managed to spill the box on the sidewalk outside the hotel (A major DUH moment) but the books survived, and the paired stacks of DEEDS OF HONOR and DEEDS OF YOUTH in their red and green matching covers looked quite spiffy on the table, I thought.   They didn’t last long, though.  Quite an ego boost to the writer to see the stacks shorten and the requests for signing tthem.

Since I hadn’t been sure I’d be in shape to come, I hadn’t applied for programming…so I had plenty of time to sit around listening to people and talking to people and touring the art show and dealer’s room more than once, and pestering people at the registration desk, and eating in the con suite where there were plenty of other people to listen and talk to.  Relaxing and fun.   And I found a home for a roaster oven.   I have two of them (one was my mother’s, the other was mine) and they were absolutely wonderful in the years I was doing really big T-day dinners and a few other big dinners….there’s no easier way to roast a couple of turkeys while leaving the stove oven open for anything else.  We often had the ovens and stoves in both houses fully scheduled for the big parties.  Now I’d just as soon have one of them gone, because it will prevent me from yielding to the temptation to do it “just one more time” when I know none of the usual people involved have the energy for that anymore.  Including me.  I like having one (great way to make chili, for instance.)

Came home to some urgent stuff to be done…among the things, as I heard driving into the carport, was satisfying the two equines that their Chief Cookie-donor hadn’t disappeared forever.  I’m not kidding you–Tigger recognized the car coming down the drive and was whinnying loudly “Where  have you BEEN?  We are STARVING!  We haven’t had treats in DAYS!  How COULD you!!”    This continued nonstop as I unloaded the car, dragged things inside, put the dirty stuff in the wash, and came out the back door with their replacement tub of treats. (Popper Mints, which they like almost as much as Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies,  but not nearly as much as Stud Muffins.)   Having been robbed of tribute, I then retreated to the house and fell asleep for several hours.  They got their regular evening feed from me, shortly before sundown.  Still very hot.




  • Comment by Jonathan Schor — August 7, 2023 @ 6:12 am


    Glad you had a good time. You signed books – did you sign the roaster oven? Laughter. Poor starving horses – you have to post some pictures of their emaciated bodies. Stay hydrated.

  • Comment by Leslie — August 7, 2023 @ 2:50 pm


    Nice to find homes for things you no longer need. I’m laughing about Tigger scolding you for leaving him unfed for days. If you haven’t watched Yvonne and the Friesian Horses lately, watch the end of the video uploaded Aug 7. Her day old Shetland filly named Peach couldn’t find the gate in the stall so she climbed through the bars instead. So glad your books flew off the table, I’m thrilled with all the stories but really hope that someday Oktar tells you more about his life.

  • Comment by Linda — August 21, 2023 @ 7:47 am


    Glad to get home from a camping trip (pine woods, 1 mile from Atlantic, short walk thru woods to a kettle pond, no cooking thanks to fresh chowder at the harbor and GF treats with cranberries and blueberries.)

    Discovered a bunch of your posts not read due to lap top and WIFI challenges. So glad to hear that the books went so well. That your horses have gotten over you absence, etc.

    Came home ready to shed the kayaks I can no longer get on top of car … even more unwieldy than roasters. And one of my Afghan “unadopted” daughters slept in my bed with regular visits from the cats while I was gone. Unlike your horses there were no complaints. With two “girls” minding their food situation and as much petting as they could absorb they were as mellow as could be.

    Feeling sympathy for all living in “too hot due to climate change” places. In Vermont we have had the publicized flooding which could take more than a year to recover from with one town considering moving folks above the valley it has been in 200 years. For me there was gratitude that my raised garden beds were protected islands … but sorrow that saturated ground seems to have killed some new fruit plantings. The rains continue with “breaks of sun” and swarms of mosquitoes all hours of night and day (we usually only suffer at dawn and dusk).

    Strikes me as interesting the Paksworld seems relatively free of many medical challenges and biting insects more pestiferous than wasps. Must be due to their Girdish ways plus the Marshall’s healing and community co-hesion.

    Stay well.

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