Last Stitch On The Lip…

Posted: May 16th, 2023 under Life beyond writing, the writing life.
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…is hanging on like the last leaf on a tree in the fall.  “No, I still have juice, I’m not ready….”

I’m ready.  Next to last stitch came out this morning.  Last part of scab came off, too, so the furrow in my nose…shows.   Feels interesting, looks a bit like someone who had an accident (yes!) but not horrible.   A few places still have a dull sort of ache, where though the skin was only scraped, the bone under it was bruised.  But it’s not bad.

Along with that,  more horse feed sacks full papers and old magazines have gone out.  The supply of empty and *whole* (not rat-holed)  feed sacks from the feed room is WAAAY down.    We both have computers up and running our familiar software (well, sort of familiar, mostly familiar) .   I have learned to text images taken with the phone camera: a selfie of post-injury face the day after, and one of the much improved face (minus scabs, the sold row of stitches on the upper lip, etc.)   Still haven’t learned how to get the images in the camera into the computer.  Hmph.  But the new Paint Shop Pro is close enough to the old (aside from not letting me put several images into the work space to compare side by side) that I can certainly enjoy it.

The new Paksworld material (Horngard related) is coming along, over 3000 words, though I don’t know if they’re the *right* words yet.   I like the main character, Mardet DiAnzo.   And the journeyman baker.   And so on.

Important wildlife bit of the day:  the first yellow-billed cuckoo call  at our place this afternoon while feeding the horses.   Sun’s down and a cardinal started singing…no, not a mocker mocking a cardinal, the cardinal.  Sometimes in May birds just sing any old time.


  • Comment by Marian Foster — May 17, 2023 @ 3:27 am


    Does your phone email? Email the pics to you, look at mail on the PC?

  • Comment by Erik — May 17, 2023 @ 10:58 am


    A note on getting photos out of the phone: if you have email set up, the easiest way to get pictures to the computer is to just email them to yourself.

    Barring that, if you use any of the file sharing apps (Dropbox, OneNote, Google Drive, etc), they all have phone apps that integrate and give you an easy menu option to share picture that way.

    Good luck!

  • Comment by Linda — May 17, 2023 @ 7:12 pm


    Looks as if one should read both Paksworld and Universes to get the full story. So delightful to know that the writing continues in spite of it all.

    I have just discovered, thanks to your experiences, more reasons why it has been worth it to pay the extra for Macs. Not that I am criticizing … just making a discovery.

    Having had the same ‘computer guy’ and his stores and employees, on my side since he operated out of the trunk of his car, there has never been a struggle with tech unless I have been far from home.

    His willingness to make house calls when the Internet was newly arrived and served up only by small local businesses was a huge plus. He knew their secret phone numbers when it was all dial up. In a way he reminds me of MacRobert, an expert in his field and helpful outside it as well, in ways one doesn’t expect. I’m just realizing, it has been about 40 years now!

    So glad to hear things are better for you on a number of fronts. Have you tried arnica on your deep bruises? I too have been without bifocals for a bit and have been tripping over the fences, tree limbs, etc. brought down by the back to back blizzards and the arnica has been a blessing.

    Take care.

  • Comment by elizabeth — June 2, 2023 @ 10:30 am


    No, but after muttering and grumping for a bit, I figured out I was trying to push a rope instead of pull it. With the new phone plugged into the computer’s USB connection, I could then “locate” it from inside the computer, and open the image file, just as if the phone turned into a thumb drive. Voila…Save As, pick the folder in the computer or make one, download pictures. I was expecting the phone to have a “move picture to computer” command, but when I thought about reversing the direction, and looked, the computer had a “receive from external drive” command. No external exposure or storage. One of those “pull the other end of the rope to get it through here” situations. I felt really smart for an hour after that.

  • Comment by elizabeth — June 2, 2023 @ 10:31 am


    No, but my computer recognized the phone as an external device and discovered files on it, when I plugged the phone cable into a USB port.

  • Comment by elizabeth — June 2, 2023 @ 10:35 am


    One night, it occurred to me that I was concentrating on only one end of the problem…So the next morning I plugged the phone into the computer as if to charge it, looked at the list of “external devices” and lo–the computer had located files in the phone. Did I want them? When you want a rope to go through a hole, you pull the other end, instead of trying to push it through. The wiggly resistance disappears. I’m hoping that works on the audio files from the bird-song app Merlin, next. I need to get them off the phone.

  • Comment by elizabeth — June 2, 2023 @ 10:49 am


    I try to put slightly different material into the two blogs, because the readership isn’t identical: some readers like both my fantasy and SF and some have a strong preference for just one. So Universes is less focused on the Paksworld fantasies–more on SF, general (not specific to fantasy) writing issues, and non=writing topics. Paksworld is more (mostly) about those books, stories, and background for them specifically. When on the same topic (like redoing the office) I still try to give each group a slightly different experience so the crossover readership (those that read both sides of the bookshelf) don’t feel cheated.

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