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Posted: May 13th, 2023 under Life beyond writing, Progress, the writing life.
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Recovery from fall…much better.  Some stitches out, others will be soon.  Only one scab chunk left, but it’s starting to itch.

Both R- and I have new machines that are up and running;  new headphones that are more comfortable with better sound (so we can each enjoy our own favorite music, You Tube sites, etc.) without bothering the other.)  (Yes, it’s luxury.)   The complete tech overhaul is well along; there’s still some more stuff (I still don’t have a new printer; the Faure Requiem is still stuck in old machine’s CD drive, the RAM upgrade wasn’t accepted by new machine, data recovery will, I hope, pull all the old photos off old machine’s disk, but we’ll see.  But the improvement so far is MAJOR.

I’m working on some new material related to Horngard I, still uncertain if it will fit in Horngard II or be pulled out into a separate story/novella.  Happy with the feel.   I didn’t lose consciousness, even momentarily, in the faceplant, but I hit hard enough to be stunned (still sore places on bones that met the sidewalk) and there were little blinks of “not there” time from the 4 hours in the hospital, which after the effect of the 2018 concussion had me worried.  Not now.  I’ve read some seriously technical material  in two different journals and understood it fully and the writing itself tells me the brain’s healthy…or at least functional.  2018-2022 showed me I can’t write coherent, hangs-together fiction if the brain is seriously upset.  In fact, in 2018, I could barely write a coherent paragraph describing a current activity at first…so being able to write about merchants on a journey is reassuring.

Now it’s feed time for the critters.  We had an inch of rain we very much needed last night.



  • Comment by Linda — May 14, 2023 @ 5:48 pm


    So glad to have you surface again and that you have so much good news.

    Our minister asked the congregation to speak briefly about a way in which our mother, or another woman in our life, nurtured us in a way for which we were grateful. My first impulse was to honor all the women writers of fiction who opened my eyes to the possibility that being a woman didn’t mean that one was less then.

    When she handed me the mic I switched to my Aunt Grace, who taught me that one could be a member of our family and not be dominated by the others and their beliefs. As I handed it back, I suddenly remembered Aunt Grace Vatta and her communicative fruitcakes.

    Thank you for all your wonderfully affirming books and stories, which offer solace when one needs to escape the gloominess brought on by the current state of the world. I hope things continue in your life continue to improve. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Comment by elizabeth — May 21, 2023 @ 5:14 pm


    I had a Great-aunt Grace–my one of my mother’s father’s sisters–whom I met only once. She inspired me because in a few hours she managed to put on a full-bore turkey dinner for a table-full of guests (mostly family, but still) and though she had a very large old-fashioned kitchen, it was still a large and delicious (in every detail) home-cooked meal, and I immediately decided I wanted to be able to “do that.” I achieved the ability to put on Thanksgiving dinners for 15-25, but never with her speed. Blessings on all the Aunt Graces, Aunt Ruths, Aunt whoevers, who inspired people to do something friendly, whatever it may’ve been.

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