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Posted: April 30th, 2023 under Life beyond writing.
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Yesterday I  did myself an injury.   Tripped and went down hard, bled  all over a sidewalk, and spent hours in an ER  before I was finally sent home with a goodly number of stitches in my face and a bunch of related bruises, scrapes and cuts.  My only pair of bifocals was pretty much destroyed so I’m having to type w/o being able to see the screen clearly.  Renewed awareness of how much misery you can feel when not actuallly badly hurt.  And how lucky you can be when a bloody mess of a face does not involve any broken bones, lost teeth, damage to eyes, ears, mobility, etc.   Functually, stuff is working.  Yeah, I’m stiff, sore, and the worst parts of the face hurt some, but ye gods it could have been worse.  It will be ouchy for some days, we hope the stitches stay put for ten days, and  so on, but once I was stitched back together, the worst is the effect on those who see it.  I look like someone who was punched hard and more than once in the face (due to managing to hit most of my face in one fall.  The nose is a particular gruesome vision.

The only picture I have (the hospital took more, before the stitching, to plan the reconstruction)  is on my phone and I don’t know how to get itt from there to, say, a horror to show my friends.  Saves them wincing, as long as they don’t come visit.   As with all things that happen to writers, it’s *material*…at some point, details will show up in something I write.  Wonderful husband made me pudding (soft  custard) to eat last nigit annd today since I’m not supposed to chew anything firm for some days lest I dislodge a stitch beforetime.  Now I’m going to try soft scrambled eggs…without being able to see when they’re done.

There’s a move in sword & buckler fighting known as “giving him mustachios with the buckler”  and I can now say I have a clue what that feels like.  A pebbled concrete sidewalk makes a good “buckler.”


  • Comment by Michele — April 30, 2023 @ 9:22 am


    I am so sorry that happened to you. Years ago I took a header off my bike and ended up with stitches in my face, a broken hand… I got a lot of really good sympathy and it didn’t hurt a great deal so I consider that a win. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  • Comment by Annabel Smyth — April 30, 2023 @ 10:22 am


    Oh no, poor you. That is very not good. However, if it is any consolation, one of my friends did a very similar thing about a month ago, and now, although she has an interesting scar on her nose, you couldn’t otherwise tell anything was wrong. What’s more, her partner did likewise a few weeks later, and he, too, is now looking okay again. As you will, but as I’m sure you know, it will look worse before it looks better! Sympathy!

  • Comment by William — April 30, 2023 @ 1:51 pm


    Oh, no! I’m very sorry! I hope the stiffness, soreness, and pain go away quickly and completely, and the wounds fully heal. You have my sympathies! I took a spill last fall, and recovery is no fun.

    I’ve taken to ordering inexpensive prescription glasses on-line. Ones with single prescription lenses cost only $10-15. Bifocals would be more, but just having an extra pair each of glasses for computer work, distance, and close reading is pretty inexpensive, and they’re much better than simple generic reading glasses from a rack.

    I’m glad to see the good news on _Youth_. Congratulations on getting it to the home stretch!

  • Comment by Lindsey — April 30, 2023 @ 4:49 pm


    Ouch! So sorry that happened to you! I’m sending you good vibes for quick and complete healing plus new glasses you love.

  • Comment by Mary Hargrove — April 30, 2023 @ 6:31 pm


    Ouch! So sorry, and glad it wasn’t worse! Would your optician be able to order new glasses for you? Do remember to use the line: “You should see the other guy!” That way, if your husband is with you when someone sees the damage, they won’t blame him!

  • Comment by Jeff Davidson — May 1, 2023 @ 9:55 am


    So sorry to hear that. You’re right that more superfical injuries (as oppossed to broken bones, etc.) can be more painful that you’d think they deserve. Praying for your healing and a good set of replacement glasses!

  • Comment by Linda — May 1, 2023 @ 5:59 pm


    Oh dear! So glad you have survived in good enough spirits to tell the tale in an amusing manner. I am only too good at tripping over things as small as a wrinkle in the carpet or very small objects in the yard, but I also usually deploy hands and feet, or shift my center of balance on the way down to end up with nothing worse than scrapes and bruises. Your story is chilling.

    There was a photo on line today of a skier in an airborne somersault who was juggling clubs at the same time. I can’t imagine the mind beginning to coordinate such a combination of movements. We mere mortals have a hard enough time watching where we are going, identifying dangers and either avoiding them or living with the results.

    Will be thinking of you.

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