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Posted: April 11th, 2023 under Good News, Life beyond writing, the writing life.
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Having acquired the hub with an SD card slot,  I finally got brave and put my working “fiction” SD card in  (not easy as it requires me to put it in upside down…it wouldn’t go in at all first, either way, but finally did work.  I had the camera card for testing.  I still don’t have my favorite photo software on this machine, so that’s next…getting the writing straightened out is primary.

So I put that card in this morning, mental fingers crossed…and yes, both Horngard I and Horngard II are in there, apparently unharmed.  I had also saved the Paksworld stories folder, and the specific “Deeds of…” folders before the wreckage started, so I have those files again.  The stories I least wanted to have to type in from the books they were in, and  the unfinished ones and some notes.  And some others of serious interest, including some passwords.  Also realized that I’d made a continuity error in Horngard I (from Limits of Power, which I was re-reading to check up on something for Horngard II.  Ha!  Porfur was Marshal in Ifoss, not Fossnir (as I foolishly wrote in Horngard I.)   In fact, I’d conflated the layout of Fossnir to be more like Ifoss…so I’ve got to deal with all that and redraw some town plans (did not have the old town plans anywhere I could find.  SIGH.

How could I be that careless, you ask?  Well…time and concussions will mess things up.  Alone or together.  Gwennothlin, Aris’s older sister, spends some time in Fossnir, which is closer to the Andressat border than Ifoss.   Aris visits Fossnir a few times as a courier earlier in Horngard I, but there’s no interaction there (readers know he’s come from there on one assignment, but not anything he did while there.  Gwenno, OTOH, has a reason to be there and interact with people.  (Wait, you say, what is Gwenno doing in Aarenis at all?  Well.  That’s a long story. Patience.)

Turned in the letter for the annexation today, too, so I hope the city accepts it.  Probably not before the May council meeting.  Otherwise, I need to make another trip to a bigger town (with a Target store…)   SIGH.


  • Comment by Caryn — April 11, 2023 @ 8:39 pm



  • Comment by elizabeth — April 12, 2023 @ 9:24 am


    Yes…a city 20 miles away (the actual city, with schools, shopping malls; its new developments have come miles towards us along the main road) has annexed strips down the main road between where I live and the MUCH larger city. Our town could be engulfed. Turns out that we can retain our wildlife management exemption (I wasn’t sure we could) even after annexation, so it benefits the town to have that done. I talked to our mayor last week and have sent the required request to the Council. Do not want to have “adverse” annexation by the larger city take over the land; towns like ours (below certain population) can’t do adverse annexation, only if landowners ask.

  • Comment by Linda — April 12, 2023 @ 7:34 pm


    When the NY Port of Authority wanted to take over our local swamp (more than 60 years ago) the local garden clubs, Audubon Society, and home owners (including some very well off and politically active ones) mounted a defense based on it’s importance in the Atlantic Flyway. The extensive woods and wetlands were the safest resting spot for winged migrants near NYC. And it worked. It is now a National Wildlife Refuge. When you fly over it today, it truly is a refuge in New Jersey’s suburban sprawl.

    So maybe a country park is not so far fetched.

  • Comment by elizabeth — April 12, 2023 @ 7:38 pm


    What’s the acreage? It’s often easier to get large acreages into use than small ones.

    Also, political climate has changed (at least here) considerably. MAGA was glad to have Trump destroy wildlife refuges along the Rio Grande and elsewhere on the Mexican border. Land that had been donated and had been a refuge for 50+ years…(near my hometown. Grew up watching the moves to save original environment in the Border area succeed…and recede.)

  • Comment by Daniel Glover — April 13, 2023 @ 7:41 am


    My undergraduate college has a prairie in Iowa. I’m not sure the size now but it didn’t start out with a footprint larger than the 160 you’re thinking about. That much I do recall. They were doing all this native ground cover mix research to see what worked “best” in little one meter squares side by side on maybe 40 acres.

    Is there a local college biology/natural resource/etc. program “close” by that you might be able to ally with?

  • Comment by Elizabeth Moon — April 19, 2023 @ 7:32 pm


    Haven’t found one yet. I should keep looking but other stuff keeps getting in the way.

  • Comment by Daniel Glover — April 26, 2023 @ 7:29 pm


    This just came through. Might be able to hunt down some help from them.

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