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Posted: December 12th, 2022 under Background, Characters, Editing, Revisions, the writing life.
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Another talk with my agent last week, and I had new things to work on (which is fine, though of course I’d prefer to write absolutely perfect books up front.)  One thing he couldn’t explain clearly enough, except that one character’s sections did not work for him…and I kept looking at them and looking at them, and finally…in a “scales falling from the eyes” moment tonight, there it was.  An absolutely plain as mud and about as interesting lump of  infodump masquerading as an interesting look inside a major character’s thinking processes.

All informative.  All static.   No reader should have to read that many pages of Gwenno reviewing her reasons for doing something.  Was it accurate?  Yes, that’s how she thinks and what she thinks.  Are some of those points plot relevant?  Yes, as showing motivation.  But do we need them laid out in order like a plot summary?  No, we do not.   WHY couldn’t I have seen that months ago when I first wrote it?  (I was having a lot of fun just writing…)

Said it before and I’m saying it again…if you’re writing ANYTHING and you start thinking “If I can just make it until the next interesting/fun/exciting/ bit…that’s the part to change or just delete.”   Gwenno deserves to have her POV sections bouncy and energetic and determined as she is, not pages of her thought processes.


  • Comment by Leslie — December 13, 2022 @ 11:12 pm


    Gwenno is delightful. I hope you don’t have to delete all her thoughts, she must be really frustrated. Does she have any mentors now? What with Dorrin off doing whatever Falk has her doing, Paks somewhere on Gird’s business and Arian as queen of Lyonya, it seems now Gwenno doesn’t have anyone to share that frustration. Sitting around doing paper work must be awful for the woman you described as highly intelligent, energetic good natured, and uncomplicated… but that was a teen. I teach college students and uncomplicated teens can have all sorts of issues arise in early adulthood and life can become very complicated. I want to read her inner thoughts!

  • Comment by elizabeth — December 16, 2022 @ 4:58 pm


    Some are still there, certainly. She takes a dramatic turn, and then another, and then…well…it develops more in the next book.

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