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This snippet is from a passage that will not appear in the book–my choice, not an editor’s cut, so the scene was never fully fleshed out.  You have conversation, nothing else.   However, as a snippet, I don’t mind sharing it with you.  I believe, when the book comes out, you will agree that this and the extension of it (several more pages full of spoilers) were better left out.

Location:  Verella, the Verrakai house in town.  Time: 14 days after Kieri Phelan left Verella for Lyonya

Speakers:  Duke Haron Verrakai and his brother.

“You are sure we had enough force?”

“Our own troops and at least a hundred Pargunese, against Sir Ammerlin’s pretty ponies? Of course.”

“Phelan’s cohort blew through here like a storm-front.”

“So they did, but that’s only a hundred, at most, and they won’t have caught up until after the battle. Let them cry over his corpse if they wish–they can do us no harm.” Neither of them mentioned who had captained that cohort; they had not said her name in twenty years.

“They might have caught up–they were faster than Ammerlin–“

“Yes, but the site was east of Darkon Edge, and no–before you ask–the grange would not come out to support Phelan–they’re too frightened, for good reason.” The duke’s brother chuckled. “We have harvested more than one from that grange, and taught them manners. Their marshal seeks no more interference with us.”

“Very good. There’s still that damned paladin.”

“She can’t fly. At best, she’ll be there with Phelan’s cohort, and all the evidence of who it was will be gone–or point to the Pargunese. The Pargunese have hated him long enough, after all, and they don’t want him as king in Lyonya any more than we do.”

“When will we hear certain news?”

“Not for another few days, I think. I told our commander not to send a conspicuous messenger; we don’t want talk about it.”

“Um. Too soon to celebrate, then. And what are we going to do about the arrogance of the Girdish here? They’re really becoming quite annoying.”

“I’m sure the Thieves’ Guild will help us out, after that last little…engagement.”

A knock on the door; the duke raised his brows and his brother called out “Enter!”

“Pardon, my lord, but you asked to know if any messengers came from the east–“

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