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Posted: August 20th, 2011 under contest, Life beyond writing.
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Yes, there will be a contest for an ARC of Echoes of Betrayal.   I haven’t decided just what it will be, but it will be.   I enjoyed last year’s “invite a character to dinner” contest and hope you did, too.   I won’t have a contest topic until after the next trip, so this is just a heads-up.

Husband is recovering well enough that I’m definitely heading for DragonCon week after next…by train, which means leaving on Monday the 29th.    (This is because the Sunset Limited–the train I’ll take from San Antonio to New Orleans, runs each direction on alternate days.  However, this gives me a chance to have a quiet morning in Atlanta before Registration opens Thursday afternoon.)

I will be meeting Editor there for a working breakfast, and also Former Editors (both Baen and Del Rey)  on a panel, so it should be productive.  I hope to meet some of you there, though I know some of you were unable to come.   Next year I’ll miss  DragonCon as I definitely plan to attend WorldCon in Chicago and it’s on the same weekend.    (Well, yeah, I could charter a jet and take one day off Chicon to fly to Atlanta and back…if I won the lottery…but practically speaking….no.)  The advantage of Chicon 7 is that I don’t have to change trains (large smile here.)

At any rate…suggestions for contests are welcome, though I won’t promise to use any.   (Isn’t that just like a writer!?)


  • Comment by Kerry (aka Trouble) — August 21, 2011 @ 5:59 am


    Glad to hear you will be making it to Dragon*Con this year. I will be working in Butch Honeck’s booth again (same place as last year). Next year I won’t because I’ll be running the art show at Chicon 7 instead. Have a safe trip.

  • Comment by elizabeth — August 21, 2011 @ 8:15 am


    See you at Chicon 7 as well, then–or I’ll try to. What about 2013? WorldCon in San Antonio…I’ll be there, that’s my home territory and I know the people running it. (Missing DragonCon two years running…hmmm.)

  • Comment by iphinome — August 21, 2011 @ 8:28 pm


    Contest? Gladiatorial combat!

  • Comment by Jenn — August 22, 2011 @ 7:44 am


    I am no good a gladiatorial combat. How about a knit off?

    By the way I was wondering do the Phelani cover their legs in the winter? I remember reading in Kings that the Phelani leaving Dorrin in with bare legs and snow on the ground! At least that is what I think I remember reading and my book is not available to me at the moment. Maybe their winters are more mild than mine have been.

  • Comment by iphinome — August 22, 2011 @ 9:08 am


    @jenn Most of them were wintering down south in Valdaire, anyway those long wool cloaks had to be as good as Scottish kilts.

    And I don’t knit so well, how about target archery? Been a few years but I still remember how. Or perhaps a snipe hunt?

  • Comment by Daniel Glover — August 22, 2011 @ 6:14 pm


    I like the snipe hunt idea! Lead a bunch of those before I ever went on one. Though quit after one got out of hand at a regional scouting jamboree. The tail got larger the farther the mark got from our source campfire. Needed regular S&R after dark to bring the mark home.

  • Comment by Richard — August 23, 2011 @ 5:42 am


    I was going to say @iphinome should be declared the winner, no contest, for her stalwart Girdish paladin verses. (By the way, for how long is it OK to keep growing old threads, before shifting the conversation to the latest one?) Then my memory junkyard threw out an idea from a Piers Anthony book in which a group of characters were each assigned a relevant song title – from our world – as theme tune.

    (The book – and series – was partly a satire on the contemporary political scene, transposed to a sci-fi setting, so the device wasn’t out of place.)

  • Comment by elizabeth — August 23, 2011 @ 6:37 am


    As long as the conversation is “live” an old thread can keep growing. If it’s over two weeks old, and isn’t active for a week, I think it’s time to let it go….or, if you want to pick it up, do it with a link. That’s a guess…I’ll tend toward leniency, though if the topic wanders, then it’s time for a new topic. I do know that 100% of the disconnected comments to very old threads are spam.

  • Comment by Jenn — August 23, 2011 @ 7:36 am


    @Richard That is exactly why I never suggested a rhyme-off or parody. I am no Fezzik. Though I would like to use the songs in my wandering minstrel act 🙂

    I’m no good at archery. You’d think with a father who bow hunts I would have inherited something.

    How about a monster cookie bake off?

  • Comment by elizabeth — August 23, 2011 @ 7:50 am


    This is but a virtual contest, remember. There can be no trials of strength or weaponscraft…only words.

  • Comment by iphinome — August 23, 2011 @ 6:29 pm


    How about a contest to guess the name of Acrolin’s horse? I think its called Princess Sparklefeet because who would dare make fun of him for it.

    @Jenn, make sure when you’re hiring for your show the agency sends over a regular chorus. Getting saddled with a Greek one is no batch of honeycakes.

    @Richard You’re very kind but a default win wouldn’t be fair to all the people, they have a rough time in this life and…. Dammit Paks get out of my head! I haven’t worn Gird’s crescent and cudgel since Cyphan, I will not become the mask. *singing* The seven deadly virtues, those ghastly little traps… Now what was I saying? Oh yes, we must be fair to everyone.


  • Comment by Jenn — August 24, 2011 @ 1:58 pm


    @iphinome: Thanks for the advice on the greek chorus.

    Naming Acrolin’s horse? Hmm. I wonder if it is as picky as my dragons are. The next dragon will be Dondretta.

    What if Princess Sparklefeet is a Stallion?
    Then he could home: Home for Dinner.

  • Comment by Jenn — August 31, 2011 @ 7:19 am


    A real contest thought:

    Where/how would you hide in order to read Book 3 with out life being able to interrupt.

  • Comment by elizabeth — September 9, 2011 @ 10:39 am


    Hmm…I’ll put that idea in the basket of contest ideas and see if it emerges the winner. Thanks.

  • Comment by iphinome — September 12, 2011 @ 10:06 pm


    If the idea pile is still open.

    If you were a character in an Elizabeth Moon book, what would you want your most memorable line of dialog to be?

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