Jan 11


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Tags: ,  January 11th, 2013

Had a relapse in the health side of things this week and haven’t been out of the house yet.   Nothing to worry about, but another “something going around” which on top of the partly-recovered state last weekend meant…flop.   If I were a laser cannon, my energy charge would have been listed as “expended” in the Weapons Officer’s display.  I’d hoped the Tuesday blah was just the change in weather, but…no.   Husband is also down with whatever it is (at least he doesn’t have whatever I had the week before.)

I have been able to make some progress on the socks and one scene of Book V, though it’s a lot less than I’d planned for.     In that scene, Arvid…oh, wait, that’s a spoiler.  Well…sobeit.  In that scene Arvid uses talents developed in another line of work to save lives.    Arvid sneaking across roofs and into buildings is always fun to write.    I haven’t yet figured out quite how he’s going to manage what he’s going to manage, because that requires more oxygen than is currently available to my lungs on a regular basis.  But he’s in there.

I had to give him something fun to do because I decided that a long stretch of Arvid being snarkily superior to someone teaching him Girdish law was not actually that plot-relevant.  Fun, but not going anywhere.

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