Mar 15

Question for the Audience

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Tags:  March 15th, 2009

I spent some hours at Flycon, the first online international SF convention (no, I didn’t come here and tell you about it–I forgot.   Sorry.)

While in the middle of a discussion of how the internet creates social networks and how writers use those (and how they should be doing it)  several people (writers and non both) said they loathed and despised word counts, progress reports, in writers’ blogs.

So my question for you is, “Do you?”

I like seeing them in other writers’ blogs, and sometimes it spurs me to get back to work.   Posting my “counts” (at least when I have any) helps me stay focused, keep track of my work, not spend all day chatting online, etc.   I would not have gotten so far last fall without that.   But if it’s highly annoying to all of you,  I could maybe quit.  Maybe.   (Though maybe not.  How hard is it to skip the posts labeled Progress Report if you don’t want to read it???)

I’ve now vacated Flycon to go back to work on the book….or maybe you didn’t want to know that (evil grin appears, Cheshire-cat-like,  above the monitor…)

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