Mar 24

SpoilerSpace: No Peeking!

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This topic is for spoilersAll spoilers go here. Comments to this topic may contain spoilers.   Comments to other topics may not contain spoilers and will be deleted if they do.  If you do not want any spoilers,  do not look at comments to this topic.  They are likely to be brimful of spoilers.

I opened the SpoilerSpace playroom early because someone erred and I realize it’s really hard for many people to know if what they said was a spoiler.   And what seemed like a spoiler to someone waiting for their copy to arrive or their library to get an acquisition cataloged may not seem like a spoiler at all to the person who’s just finished the book.   When in doubt…put it here.

I have a bunch of writing-business chores to do ASAP,  so I’m trusting you to play nicely in the SpoilerSpace sandbox.   As I have time, I will be by to answer questions–unless the answers would be spoilers for the next books.

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Mar 20

One Day: No Spoilers

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Actually, depending on where you are in the world, it may already be well into tomorrow.   But though it’s a few minutes to midnight here, I’m opening with the reminder that we don’t want spoilers here for a reasonable time after those waiting impatiently have a chance at the book.    We’ll have better discussions (and fewer chances of some “justifiable homicides” ) if you hold off on spoilerish discussions until everyone’s read it.  (However, it’s not spoilerish to tell me you liked it (or hated it, though of course I’d rather not hear that.)

For a similar reason, I’m not posting the first pictures of Kings out in the world immediately (though I appreciate them) until more people have it, on the grounds that I don’t want impatient and envious fans to take vengeance on those who have it already.  Not that any of you kind, gentle, patient, people would ever do such a thing, but…better safe than sorry. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mar 30

Spoiler Space I

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First, many thanks to all of you for observing the “no spoilers” warning for the first two weeks after the US release.   Your courtesy is appreciated not only by me, but by those who haven’t yet finished (or started) Oath of Fealty.

And second, here’s the promised Spoiler Thread.   So for anyone who does not want spoilers, Do Not Read This Thread.   You’ve been warned.  This opening post won’t have any spoilers in it, but comments undoubtedly will, so…DO NOT READ THIS THREAD.

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