Sep 01


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Another day of travel, another 2000+ words added to Book III.    Maybe I should live on the train?   No, not really.   But it focuses my mind something wonderful–no phone, no interruptions (well, meals and such but nothing else) and the words come.   Scenery, too.  And interesting people when I do come up for air.  (Little do they know, the writer is watching…and listening…bwah-hah-hah-hah!)

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Aug 30

On the Road (rail)

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I’m now in final packing mode and soon to leave for the city to do a few chores and then catch the train.   Posting here is likely to be spotty at best though I should be able to report how much I wrote on the train by sometime Thursday.  That’s if my brain stays connected to my fingers, which given the number of times I’ve gone from one room to another to find a specific item and been distracted by something else, is presently in doubt.

Convention schedule reminder here. For those who can’t make my autograph session on Friday at 4 pm, I’m happy to sign at other times as long as we’re not in someone’s way or I’m not rushing to something else (and that includes the restroom.)   For those who can’t make any of my program items, you’re just going to have to hunt for me…sorry.

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Aug 16

Dragon*Con Reminder

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I will be at Dragon*Con this year  (Sept 3-6, Atlanta GA.)  Schedule:

Friday: 4 pm Autograph Session

Saturday: 1 pm “Hour with Elizabeth Moon”

Saturday: 7 pm  Dragon*Con Awards Banquet (not a good place to chat. LOUD!)

Sunday :  1 pm “Delphic Oracle” (panel storytelling game)

Sunday :  4 pm  “Science Fiction and Politics”

Sunday: 7 pm  “Showcase: Elizabeth Moon

Monday:  11:30 am “The New Amazons”

Monday: 4 pm  “The Future of Fantastic Fiction”

Would be fun to meet up with Paksworld fans attending Dragon*Con somewhere in those four days.     I will be bringing along some unusual (one at least utterly unique) items to give away, probably in a random drawing, maybe after a contest.  Depends on responses here and there.

(And of course I’ll be glad to see fans of the other books and series as well–all are welcome.)

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