May 14

Copy Edits

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Copy Edits are, in the best of times, a nerve-wracking proposition, because CEs, unlike one’s own marvelous, wonderful, thoughtful, brilliant Editor, are professional nitpickers.   If you don’t have a nitpicker mentality yourself (and most storytellers don’t) and if you have a feel for the needs of fiction as opposed to, say, a sociology textbook (and most storytellers do) the more rigid CEs will drive you batty.    Good CEs, as I’ve said before, are pearls beyond price and save your bacon.   Not-so-good CEs become embroiled in trying to rewrite your work to suit their notions, and in the process miss actual mistakes they should catch.

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Apr 19

New Title: Echoes of Betrayal

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Book III is now Echoes of Betrayal unless the UK title conference bumps it.

Thanks to UK Editor for bringing up the possibility of changing the title, because I think this is better.  Thanks to US Editor for tossing out suggestions, too.

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